Sunday, June 11, 2006

Good Game....

Trinidad played very well and held the mighty Swedes to a draw.It makes a pleasant change to see a team other than England make a balls up of their opening game. I'll leave you to read about the England game in the wholly objective and suitably restrained newspapers.Suffice to say I am looking forward more than ever to the next match against Trinidad and let's not forget Tobago.Hopefully England can raise their game.
I happily had the opportunity to try a beer new to me, 'They Know It's All Over' from Fugelstou Brewery which I found tasty and refreshing and it's a lager, but a proper one with German ingredients...just like the royal family.
Two pints of that and then back to one of my regulars Batemans XB which I have to admit is a favourite of mine.

Not only for Yellowbellies.

Try their other beers as well...I'm all for supporting local businesses, especially breweries!
I was up at the crack and took the mutt for a lengthy walk with camera in hand.Having heard the parties for much of the night the streets were unsurprisingly empty apart from dogwalkers and anglers.The detritus of parties, pubs and takeaways were scattered along the streets and provided snacks for the mutt...kebabs with chilli sauce!She's in for a shock when that emerges from her rear end.
I took some photos around the immediate locality but nothing really stands out.I'll post them as and when needed or when they enhance a story.Or just because I want to...

Archaeological Totty for girls and boys...pc or what!

I am now off to weed the garden and put some wildflower seeds in.I found them at the back of a drawer after forgetting all about them.


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