Thursday, June 29, 2006

CD goodness...

Home...Pat dog....Showered...Pat dog....Pizza in oven...Mmmm...Pat dog...PC...Remove dog...Rescue pizza...Dog in garden...PC New CD's!!!

In the world of i-pods, downloads, etc...I still buy CD's.I'm old fashioned like that...I've got to touch it, feel it, unwrap the shiny crackly cellophane shiny goodness of my new toy. So today I bought Cream 'ultimate or some such superlative' and The Stone Roses 'Superlatives plus': both really the best of compilations.
A few years ago when I was naive and believed wank bank managers and bottom feeders financial advisers,I was severely out of pocket and I had to sell belongings to pay bills and put food on the table.
"Put the violin"
My belongings included vinyl and CD's...and my guitar...I vowed to one day replace certain favourites hence the two just mentioned.In my local I played 'I am the Resurrection' to death...well, until the landlord deleted it.(He did the same to 'Kashmir' by Led Zepp...something about 'dreary hippy drivel' someone called it).
Has that experience made me realise the foolishness of hoarding meaningless material belongings? Has it fuck...the experience just made me hate bank managers and financial tossers.
'Made of Stone'....wonderful. It almost brings a tear to my eye..

I'm orf to listen to more of this aural goodness and prepare for the pub quiz...mmmh, mellow maaan....

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Martini pt.2.

I have just tried a second Dry Martini...definitely better this time. I followed the instructions for a Dry Martini on Wikipedia.Tanqueray gin and Vermouth at a ratio of 5:1 and stirred.
I must be a bona fide adult now as I thoroughly enjoyed it.No lemon or olive, I'll get those in for the weekend and try out the 'perfect' Dry Martini. It is predicted for the weekend....sunshine! So the Dry Martini should be perfect with just the one green olive or a twist of lemon peel. Mmmm...lovely.


On the news this morning...Twenty more NHS Trusts are making doctors redundant. Just mull that statement over a moment or two.
The population of the UK is an ageing one; MRSA and other bugs,diseases,health problems are prevalent e.g. Tuberculosis, measles,etc...Although there are advances in medicine and healthcare the basics are still needed and probably more so than ever. So the answer to these changes in society and the health of society is to make medical and nursing staff redundant. Meanwhile, how many billions have been spent on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan....£150 billion plus is the latest estimate. Also, £12 billion and rising going on an I.T. system for the NHS to save money, medical records are going to India so that money can be saved and secretaries are being made redundant.£25 billion for a new nuclear defence system which will undoubtedly escalate in cost. Where is the joined up government in just these few examples.Where is the commonsense, the commitment of the MP's we elected to run this country for the people. This is not just aimed at this current government but at previous administrations as well as the opposition MP's.Useless greedy mendacious tossers for the most part.
Few of those in the House of Commons have any idea of real life.They are insulated from the realities of earning a low wage, increasing bills such as council tax, utilities, etc...Dirty streets with half educated youths with no hope of a 'proper job'.Long waits for medical and nursing support;alcohol and drug fuelled crime;Inefficient public transport systems.The list is endless and I am amazed that systems continue to work in the UK today.To return to my original point, MP's are removed from the realities of life and yet they are responsible (in government) for many of the changes which impact upon peoples lives. Perhaps by changing the current 'First past the post' electoral system there may be true representation for voters. This may throw up MP's whom many of us do not agree with or even like.i.e.Far right racists, Islamic Fundamentalists, extreme left oddballs. Strangely enough, I believe most people will vote for people whom they believe will represent them and we might at last see an end to parties with huge majorities who can ride roughshod over the majority of the electorate who did not vote for them(Thatcher and Blair).
Perhaps MP's should have the one job...MP...and not directorships, consultancies,etc..that is the current system.Plus a ban on any MP having such a job within five years of leaving parliament linked to his/her ministerial and parliamentary career;We could also look at their pensions.I have heard the arguments about 'scaring away those people from business and industry with the skills and competencies to become MP's and ministers'. A red herring; people are in the main 'politically minded'and I don't believe there will be a shortage of would-be applicants for parliament.This only touches some of the changes possibly needed to change government and political representation in this country.I'm sure others have suggestions but 'shooting them' or 'a big bomb' are answers ruled out.
So is dictatorship...Stalin,Hitler,Mussolini and Saddam Hussein show the one way street that leads to.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Shaken, definitely shaken...

I stated on an earlier post (9th May '06) that I would try a Dry Martini as per Chez Milady using Tanqueray Gin and dry Vermouth. I tried it this evening and.....Bleeuggh! Twice and thrice Bleeuggh! Chemical concoction...I am obviously not yet adult enough to drink this concoction. I'll stick to beers, wine and malt whisky as my preferred tipples in future. With an occasional G&T in a long glass with ice and a twist on a hot day.

Continuing the cat theme...

A busy day today scooting hither and thither around the county dealing with a variety of things including a training session in qualitative research. So my brain hurts although the blast home with the stereo set to 11 helped dispell the word salad in my brain.."I was only doing 60 Ossifer, honest". Remarkably, once free of Lincoln the road home was remarkably clear of other motorists until I met the little old lady in the Micra. I give little old ladies in small cars a lot of respect and a wide berth. I'll be old one day and in a little car and, if you hang on their rear bumper they panic and it's hello sailor if you're with Admiral Insurers. So to the dumb twat in the silver vectra who nearly caused an accident with one of these LOLIASC....give them some space and respect!
I'm playing The Be Good Tanyas and I can thoroughly recommend them. Kinda folky/bluesy/country but just so damn good it should be prescribed. Certainly as an antidote to the world cup shenanigans of England.
I must away...TTFN.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Let us prey....

As I write this and look out of the window,Tigger is stalking a sparrow.95% of the time she is a large,lazy stripey cat who likes her comfort.Occasionally she becomes the predator she really is and unfortunately she is very good at catching birds.One dead starling at the weekend and pigeon feathers the week before.It's not as tho' the buggers are underfed. I guess I will have to buy some more large bells for the moggies.
The swallows I mentioned in an earlier post are thriving.They have taken over an old housemartins nest just above the frontdoor.We can't hear any 'cheeps' as yet so we aren't sure if they are still at the egg stage.Happily the cats are not allowed out the front door...busy streets are the natural enemy of the cat.They do sit at the window and chirrup at the swallows.No chance you feline fiends,sainsbugs own brand tinned stuff for you. The dog just blunders in whenever the cats show an interest in anything and usually removes it herself...including the cats food.When we first moved in I saw a large fox on a shed roof at the back of us.Sadly I've not seen it there since but during the winter one crosses the main road near the pub every evening at 9pm.It heads for the river where the rats and wildfowl are.We'll have to see if the fox returns next winter.

A happy pooch with her favourite toy.

Anyhow, I have to deliver one son to scouts this evening.

Saturday, June 24, 2006


Busy, busy day at work....pants over trousers and cape skating the wind.I also have another eight weeks to having some leave.Nevermind, home now and no.1 son is apparently staying at a friends house tonight so I am free to pub it.Unfortunately, wallet and pockets are empty of any available readies.Hence a quiet night in, maybe a homemade curry and a DVD.

Here is another photo to go with the one in yesterdays second blog:Howard Hughes and his missus Hilda. From 'Ever Decreasing Circles', a sitcom from the 1980's which I missed the first time around.Mainly because I was single and went out socialising.The contract for parenthood says in very small lawyers writing...
say goodbye to carefree socialising for the next 25 years. Now I have ample opportunity to see old sitcoms on cable, but I draw the line at 'Terry and June'.That was shite the first time around.
After all my promises to have a beer during the match yesterday I opted for tea instead.So I am going to nip out and buy that beer tonight as I watch the DVD.Maybe 'The Life and Death of Peter Sellers' as I have only watched that once before. Hey!I might be pleasantly surprised and find something decent on the TV...The life of the flying pig.
Orf to Sainsbeerys...TTFN.

Friday, June 23, 2006


Courtesy of Naked Jen ...and yes she is nekkid as a newborn.

I have calmed down now and have called the police, for the crime number just to satisfy the lease car company and the insurers.So I thought I would write up a second blog entry with nice things on it.

Ten points to the first person who identifies the show and the characters.

The weather has warmed up and it's set to be a lovely weekend...and I am at work.Ho hum, I'll grin and get on with it.But tonight I am free and Togo v France will be on the box, I'll have a cold beer Youngs London Ale which will go very nicely with watching France lose 3-0 play tonight.

I am now desperately searching for pictures of kittens,fluffy wabbits, apple pie, rainbows,etc...those nice things I mentioned.Saccharine ain't the word for it...That angel looks slightly sinister to my eyes.

That's the rainbow done...

Just a final something to balance the world towards a positive slant

Again...guess the band and the lovely lead singer (Think Punk).

The good guys win and the "..axis of evil.." ((c)G.W.'Mad as a Mad Thing'Bush)is defeated.


Sweet Ella Blues...

Woke up this morning,
Up with the rising sun,
Yeah I woke up this morning,
Look at what I found done,
They gone and hurt my Sweet Ella,
They done hurt her and they run,
I'm gonna hunt 'em down,
They sure are gonna pay,
They gone and hurt my Sweet Ella,
In the cold,cold light of day.

Some low life fucking wazzock decided in the early hours of this morning to boot my car and leave a bloody great dent in it. Mrs.Catto and a neighbour heard a commotion at about 1 a.m. and that's when we think they did the dirty deed...wankers.
No damage beyond the dent but I have to ask why? It's a little Honda Jazz...harmless unless you walk in front of it when it's doing over thirty. Merciless in it's collecting of small insects around the highways and byways, but it doesn't deliberately seek the lives of smaller beasties.So why cold bloodedly assault a small friendly vehicle quietly napping away.Bastards.
You'll have to excuse me but there will be some fruity language expressed during this post, as I cannot express my anger by kicking the cunt who did this.So keep small children away from this post because I am sure their language would be enriched with some old anglo-saxon expressions.

Ella is the name of the Jazz, as in Ella Fitzgerald.Attractive, full-bodied, hot blooded and on song.
Something similar happened a couple of years ago when Asbo Annie was kicked out of Derby and moved into rented accommodation near here.She got drunk one night and decided to scratch 29 cars along ours and neighbouring streets.If you are a lowlife non-achieving loser with an inferiority complex and envious of others who achieve and do things with their lives, fuck off and do something with your useless, pointless existence.Most people struggle to overcome the difficulties in their lives and achieve something worthwhile.It can be bringing up children, pursuing a career, overcoming disabilities or escaping a sink estate via education, sport,etc... I don't know whether this damage was done as a result of drunken 'high jinks' or if it was the envy of a useless witless shit. I don't really care...just fuck off somewhere that matches your pointless existence.Rant over...cunt...nearly over.

I had planned to post today about the swallows nesting above our front door who have been there two weeks now.Much to the bemusement of the cats who stare longingly and vocally out of the window at the swallows.I'll post about them another day.
(They are still bastards!).

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Other blogs...

A day off and the weather has turned almost autumnal.I know yesterday was the longest day and the nights now draw in, but this change is ridiculous.There was only one thing to do...walk the mutt,twice.The second walk was necessary because she decided to roll in dogshit whilst out the first time.One shower later and she smelt strongly of 'Berry' washing-up liquid.We then did a tour of the town and my feet hurt several miles later.I tell myself "I do feel better for the exercise...repeat mantra".They still hurt..
The photo is of the local river on a sunnier day.There is a local group who do a wonderful job in looking after the river despite the local yobs and the everpresent litter problem.It looks green as a result of benign local government neglect and is home to a variety of swans,ducks,geese, well as rats and the odd fox.It is also in the centre of town near the bus station.Planned developments may destroy this wildlife area unless the developers and the council allow some of the benign neglect management to continue.
I also had a good look around a local park which I often pass but hadn't yet ventured into.Lots more waterfowl and very pleasant, kicking a pinecone around kept the monster entertained.Also a small plant and animal area which sadly was off limits whilst the mutt was with me.For a future date I think.A further look around for suitable photographs for the blog and a couple of buildings look promising.
Apart from that I read through some blogs especially this one NHS Blog Doctor .Well worth a look through for a GP's perspective on the current NHS situation.There is also this site Trick-Cycling For Beginners for the opinions of a junior psychiatrist.Both give a lot of food for thought although I do take some of the latter's opinions with a pinch of salt at times.Understandably, both have to maintain a degree of anonymity and my way of doing the same is to sadly avoid saying too much about work.It is still easier to discipline nurses rather than medical staff for actual or implied criticism of the state of the NHS these days.
Confidentiality has to be strictly maintained but possibly I could talk in the broadest terms about previous jobs in other parts of the country.Patients and staff could be referred to by using aliases. For example I could refer to a patient with grandiose delusional ideas of a religious nature who also has a narcissistic personality disorder and to protect his identity I could call him Tony Blair.I could change other things to protect his identity still further.He is happily married to a successful charity fund raiser and has three children who all attend the local comprehensive school.He is an old style socialist who is vehemently opposed to the expansionist imperialism of the one remaining superpower (Has anyone told China?) and is an avid supporter of green politics.
There, no one would recognise you?

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Darkness.The air heavy with anticipation as I switched the engine off...also full of moths attracted by the headlights.The crunch of boots and,chilling my blood, the deep growl of a large dog.I swallowed nervously and check that the doors are locked tight against this new threat.I can smell new mown grass from outside of the car and the piney artificial scent of the air freshener.It is so dark outside the light thrown from the headlights.The boots crunch closer and I can see the outline of a large man with a gun in his hands.Beside him is the figure of a shaggy dog.I think it's a's the size of a pony and still growling.I open my mouth to speak and...
"You lost as well mate" says the farmer as I sit in the sweet smelling farmyard.

Yes...they are once again resurfacing the A16 and have placed diversions to confuse and delight the motorist.At 11 pm I took the wrong turning in the village of Stolemyfowlby following the rare divi sign and became the seventh motorist to enter the above farmyard. He could have set up a burger van there were so many lost motorists.This section of the A16 has been resurfaced three or four times in the past five years.At school I learnt about friction and I am sure the constant application of thousands of tyres against the road surface is a form of friction; wear and tear in other words. So why do the council resurface busy roads with papier mache and blue string pudding.Answers on a postcard or e-mail to your local council.Extra points for imaginative use of profanities with references to tarmac.
Rant over...
I have discovered some lovely little villages which hitherto I hadn't had the chance to explore.Stuck behind large lorries, me the opportunity to view these villages at my leisure.Quaint springs to mind regarding some of the prettier ones.Nice to look at but I do prefer towns to live in.A choice of pubs,clubs,shops and a hospital with a convenient A&E department.Having grown up in London I am a confirmed urban dweller but now on a smaller scale.So the sea and countryside are accessible, as opposed to the trek we used to go on to reach Southend or Clacton.Even better, if I choose to travel by bicycle to the coast or green bits, I can do so.Anyhow,I'm orf to play backgammon.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Lazy Sunday...

A quiet day spent watching football or lazing in the garden.Toad in the hole for lunch and a nice Leffe Trippel to wash it down with.As the brewery blurb puts it......
Almost every Belgian beer has some form of “triple” version, and Leffe is no exception. Leffe Triple, a hazy golden strong beer, is 8.4% abv. It has a citric lemon bearing on the nose and palate, and overall a rather sharp taste.

To be honest it is a nice beer but there are many better ones in Belgium and I hope to make a trip there some time to try a few out,and of course the culture.The other beers aren't owned by 'In Bev',a company which aims for profit before taste by closing down smaller breweries and brands.For more information on this see the link for Camra.
Otherwise, my blisters are healed and I am fighting fit for a return to work tomorrow. No, I didn't win the lottery despite a feeling in my water.
"Nurse! More cranberry juice please".
I skimmed the Sunday rag this morning...full of shite about 'celebs?' who're known only to their mothers and the seriously deluded.Back to a proper paper next Sunday.
This evening, NCIS and flicking over to the match between France and South Korea.
Result! A one all draw and oeuf sur le visage francais, s'il vous plais...beau jubbly! Again, England are usually in this position so it does make a pleasant change to see it happen to other teams.

Saturday, June 17, 2006


Great gig last night; excellent music, humour and very entertaining with a good crowd. Sadly no C.D's for sale but the joy of being up close and able to chat with Si Nichols reinforces my belief that stadium gigs are a waste of time. I decided a long time ago to stick with small gigs where you can see the performer.My step-daughter saw springsteen copyist bon jovi at the KC stadium the other day and thoroughly enjoyed it. The thought of thousands of people, the stage a mile away and the car park afterwards....done that and I can no longer be arsed. A small venue, good beer, good mates and an excellent band / performer = Great night out.A mixture of serious music with a scattering of funny songs including the usual ones about his penis, sperm donars, etc...
Lots of beer was consumed so today will be low key with plenty of lime sodas.The dog has already had a long walk today and I wore the wrong shoes...Blisters!Plenty of other dogwalkers out including a Basset Hound.

I haven't seen a Basset Hound in years and yes, they still look odd. He certainly piqued some interest in Muttley who was fascinated by him. The other enjoyable part of todays walk was the amount of fish in the local river. Lots of small things (piscatorial expertise to the fore),several large carp and one large pike. Plus the usual assortment of take-away wrappers,etc..Fascinating to look at this underwater world so far removed from our everyday world. Just the one angler near a bridge and a long way from the fish I saw.
I'm off for more lime soda so TTFN.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Weekend starts here....

Is it half-time yet? I'm so excited...

I'm on the downstairs PC...the wireless mouse needs batteries recharged and the spare ones aren't charged.Buggery! This PC, the old 'dependable' is sooooooo slow and probably needs the hard drive blitzed.Anyhow, a good day to you all.
Yesterdays match lived up to the media hype....zzzzzzzz oh! Rooney and Lennon are on and the match livened up. I was shouting and swearing so much the dog hid herself in the garden.Hopefully, with the pressure of getting to the next round gone, the Sweden game may encourage Sven and the players to try out some entertaining and creative football and score goals galore.
A day off and the garden attended to and chores done, well some of them, I can go and enjoy some sunshine. I had planned to pop down and see me old mum dahn sarf but plans have been changed.We are off to see Si Nicholls play tonight at the pub.He's described by his agency,rather drily, as a good guitarist who plays good 60's-90's roots music.Live, he is very funny,as well as a good guitarist and singer.Thence to a barbecue on Saturday with much beer and music in the Cleethorpes sunshine.Excellent, the perfect weekend escape from the madness of work and bean counting managers.Someone mentioned that this sunny weather might be here for some time. My fingers are crossed because we could do with a decent summer.

It could even be warm enough to mess around on boats.Or at least lounge about in the back garden with a cold beer.Which sounds like a great idea but I'll make it a cold soda and lime with lots of ice.Life can be good sometimes.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Bar Humbug....

Long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away...I ran a bar with a mate on a Kibbutz in Israel. It was a basic bar with two choices of beer; cold or very cold Maccabee. You also had the choice of three types of spirits: brandy, vodka or arak. All three made in Israel and a bottle in the local shops cost the princely sum of £1-00. To make a profit we sold large shots of each spirit at a ridiculously low sum but enough to make a return on each bottle. The name of the said establishment: 'The Dew Drop Inn', allegedly after a famous Israeli paratrooper and war hero from Prestatyn. Needless to say the name existed long before Neil and I ran the bar.We did this job gratis as well as fruitpicking,etc...Having worked for several years at real jobs in the UK this really was a holiday.There was a real mix of nationalities from all four corners of the globe and pub nights could get really interesting.Being a responsible and mature person I couldn't drink and work, but the smoke of the Lebanese and Hedges helped to keep me going.What always amazed me was the reaction of the different nationalities to getting pissed.
German - Dance a lot or talk seriously.
Mexicans - Party!
Swedes - Get very drunk and serious.
Finns -Religious & don't drink/ Non-religious...hollow legs and call the police.
English - Fight/dance/fall over/shag.
Danes - See English.
Dutch - See all of the above!
Australians - All of the above with humour and bells on.
Friday night was the BIG pub night: The bar closed when everyone had had enough, usually at 4 or 5 a.m.I could usually have a drink in the last hour or so to add to the smokers cough as we surveyed the wreckage.We never worried about trouble because the Israeli's would deal with anyone if we couldn't sort them out ourselves.But there was never any serious trouble. It was usually lively, noisy and a non-stop party considering the average age was about 20 and we lived life to the full.
Enough reminiscing, I'm orf to see the Poles beat the Germans!

Monday, June 12, 2006


Phew! what a scorcher, or words to that effect.Thunder and lightning have just exited in a Wagnerian stage left but the air remains liquid.The thermometer in the car this afternoon registered 33 C at one point and it certainly felt like it. I think it's safe to say summer is here including the rescue of a Small Tortoiseshell from the jaws of a cat.Not too difficult as said Tigger was herself drowsy from the heat.The only creature still bouncing around is the dog!
I guess a cold beer and a good book whilst I enjoy the heat in the garden is called for.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Good Game....

Trinidad played very well and held the mighty Swedes to a draw.It makes a pleasant change to see a team other than England make a balls up of their opening game. I'll leave you to read about the England game in the wholly objective and suitably restrained newspapers.Suffice to say I am looking forward more than ever to the next match against Trinidad and let's not forget Tobago.Hopefully England can raise their game.
I happily had the opportunity to try a beer new to me, 'They Know It's All Over' from Fugelstou Brewery which I found tasty and refreshing and it's a lager, but a proper one with German ingredients...just like the royal family.
Two pints of that and then back to one of my regulars Batemans XB which I have to admit is a favourite of mine.

Not only for Yellowbellies.

Try their other beers as well...I'm all for supporting local businesses, especially breweries!
I was up at the crack and took the mutt for a lengthy walk with camera in hand.Having heard the parties for much of the night the streets were unsurprisingly empty apart from dogwalkers and anglers.The detritus of parties, pubs and takeaways were scattered along the streets and provided snacks for the mutt...kebabs with chilli sauce!She's in for a shock when that emerges from her rear end.
I took some photos around the immediate locality but nothing really stands out.I'll post them as and when needed or when they enhance a story.Or just because I want to...

Archaeological Totty for girls and boys...pc or what!

I am now off to weed the garden and put some wildflower seeds in.I found them at the back of a drawer after forgetting all about them.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

England...Oh, It's obvious....

A quick post because I'm orf to support the boys and, where else? The pub of course.
A busy week at work and little time to attend to my blog.When not working I've been out enjoying the sunshine. Work could get busier if England doesn't do well. We could have hordes of England fans presenting with F43 (Look at chapter v ). That combined with alcohol and domestic problems would keep us busy. Hopefully we will go a lot further in this world cup,maybe even the final!
Otherwise it is hayfever season and the late spring is making up for lost time.On the plus side we have sunshine and lots of it. Even driving is pleasurable with the sun beaming, windows open and a breeze through my hair.Excellent music blasting out like Lhasa de Sela ,Crosby,Stills and Nash or Hayseed the odd bit of Led Zepp.
It makes work just that little more enjoyable.
Something new to introduce to my blog: an occasional series of favourite real ales.I've had this beer at beer festivals and the other day I discovered the bottled version in Tesco's. Pale Rider absolute nectar as draught but still enjoyable in bottled form although sadly not bottle conditioned. Don't buy the usual cheap dross, go for quality, taste and support a local business (If you live in Sheffield!). You might say "Delcatto you Twat.I'm on the dole and can only afford Crapling 'lager' 'cause it's cheap".
I reply "Taste heaven in a bottle or two instead of hell in a case of gnats piss".
You'll still be relatively sober and the world will look a better place. You'll smile at your wife, pat the heads of your children and chat sensibly to your neighbours.They will pass the good vibes on and the ripple effect may even end this culture of violence in modern Britain.Alternatively, you can drink the case of crapulence, fall asleep in a drunken stupor on the sofa as your good lady wife shags the neighbour, the kids are neglected and turn to crime and the dog roams the estate with a feral pack of hounds.The culture of violence will continue....It's your choice so choose wisely.
Come on England, go against your natural inclinations and for once win.We're behind you!!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Sunshine Saturday's alright for....

Sunshine and early rising...I cut the grass, weeded, and trimmed triffids. I also admired the orangey-red rose that appeared in one shadey spot. The work was completed by 10.30 including shopping and walking the dog. I then collapsed in a heap for a couple of hours watching the cricket before repairing to the pub and football.I missed the first half as I spent time listening to a friends troubles on the balcony.Some things are more important than football.But the excitement, if you can call it that, was having to call the police. No.1 son listens to metal music/rock music and is a 'Greb',as are most of his friends.Apparently there was a rumour doing the rounds that the 'Chavs' were going greb bashing today. Hence my call to the police and my concerns that this was organised and some of these twats use weapons. Civic duty duly done although I have to admit we did go out a couple of times today to ensure all was well. Some grebs were chased this evening but all's well that ends well. As the duty copper stated, it is a bit like the mods and rockers.I guess some things don't change.
All of that and the woman who lives oppposite blind drunk and shouting at passers by, including a 'dirty dancing' routine with one bloke in the road. Street theatre eh? It's still a week until the world cup and its attendant shenanigans. Maybe I should buy that tin hat now.
However, a quiet evening in and a nice cup of tea or two should do the trick because I think I may have caught too much of the sun.Face looks a bit red and feels 'tight'.

Friday, June 02, 2006

On the seventh day... a row at work I am knackered.Plus a late shift before the weekend off...A lovely weekend off to enjoy myself.To be honest I have been too busy to consider what to do this weekend.I haven't yet seen the 'Maeve Binchy code'but if it is warm and sunny as predicted,I would prefer to be outdoors.The garden needs working on and there is rubbish to be shifted to the municipal dump/ recycle place.So I might attend to that first thing Saturday morning...that old Protestant work ethic.Despite being Catholic I went to C of E state schools. I could be finished by 10 a.m. and the day would be mine...whoohoo! I don't particularly want to drive too far or drive at all if I can avoid it, so I'll check the local rag for stuff to do.No.1 son will be occupied with his mates skateboarding/hanging out; Mrs.C. will probably chill out after work in the garden. What's on?...
Ludborough steam railway - I do like trains.
Jumble sales, car boots, bingo...
Bloody hell, not a lot on. 'Bransby home of Rest for Horses'...hmm...Scunthorpe motor show at Normanby Hall, no, I don't think so.
I think I'll look at some gentle walking with the dog and camera which may include a pub and possibly some views of the locale for Sunday.
I realised as I drove through town yesterday that are parts of the town I haven't walked through since last summer.Driving home,observing the speed limit officer, I look to my right...when did they build that?!A new building 'popped up ' overnight although not having used this road in a while it could have been there eight months ago.So a gentle stroll with mutt and camera to record some of the local buildings/scenes that are easier on the eye.Followed by a thirst quenching real ale in the hopefully seasonal weather...we'll see.