Monday, May 15, 2006

Techno Techno...

Success!I'm home 20 minutes and my first attempt to install the router with some good advice from an NTL engineer...both P.C's are on the net.
I'm quite surprised but the advice was commonsense and for me it was a case of wood;trees;can't see...I am now a happy bunny.
It is funny though, now I have done this I am now considering upgrading the printer to an all singing, all dancing printer/scanner/copier via wireless connections.The search for eternal perfection albeit in the material sense.Maybe the technology bug has it's grip upon me.
Apart from that exciting interlude I have been mostly working today and being as it is midway through May the weather is of course wet and murky.

The sun has deserted us and we are reminded that it is spring..."Ne'er cast a clout 'til May be out". In other words ,keep yer vest on until June and enjoy this soft day.So I have 'Listen again' 6 Radio and Bruce Dickinson's Rock show on as I stay indoors in the warm. Excellent music in the main although I fast forwarded the shite music bon jovi track.We were discussing music at work today and there is a broad spectrum of musical likes and dislikes.As I have mentioned in an earlier post I do like a broad range of does not include bon jovi.Thinking about it I do like the range of radio stations accessible via the net, right across the world.For U.K. radio on the net and DAB I've just discovered Chill radio which I occasionally listen to, as well as BBC radio 3 and 4. But I like to pick and choose which the Listen again facility helps make possible. For the folkies out there I can most heartily recommend the following radio programme Folkwaves on Monday evenings between 7 and 9 p.m. Click on the link and go to listen again on Radio Derbyshire for 'Folkwaves'...cracking show with an excellent selection of music. That's my public service bit done...I'll be off.


Blogger Unknown said...

I've been to countless concerts, mainly watching rock bands and I have to say that the time I saw Bon Jovi was one of the most memorable.

Sure the band were OK and quite loyal to the original versions of their songs, but never in my life have I seen such a collection of scantily clad rock chicks...

9:48 pm  

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