Sunday, October 14, 2018

Today has been a very wet day which is perfect for modelling...

I spent some time yesterday starting on a new build as I was keen to crack on with this kit.

This is where I got to yesterday and I planned to build the rear turret, get some paint airbrushed on and hopefully get this 90% completed by end of the day. Unfortunately things turned out differently...

That's my cheap airbrush disassembled for the second time with airbrush cleaner, the brushes, the airbrush worked briefly but as soon as I changed paint it stopped working. Despite lots of thinner the mixture would not go through. I spray very thinned light coats of paint and I was hoping to add some light contrasts with light grey paint and then another light spray of black paint on top of that. With different shades of black I hope to add depth, texture and contrasts so that it does not present as a flat black colour.

I will try again over the next couple of days but I suspect I need a decent airbrush and compressor. My current one is a cheap kit I bought for about thirty quid on-line. A reasonable entry level airbrush and compressor starts at about £130 although I have found a good combo for about £180 so I shall be budgeting for that in the next month or so. I can't complain as my cheapo airbrush has lasted over two years and gave a sterling service. I guess I will be brush painting during the interim which I enjoy and pushes my skills in another direction.

One good thing about getting up early for work during the week is that this weekend I have been up early and at 'em. Yesterday saw me out on an early morning walk to blow away the cobwebs as driving and computer work sees me sitting down too much. Thursday and Friday were extremely busy days and this weekend immersed in my hobbies, reading and walking provides a great balance to the job. I have also started to price up budget camper vans but a work colleague suggested I would be better off spending more on a decent small camper van as I plan to use it for work as well as trips away. My current car is a Mazda 3 sport which drinks petrol and despite being a delight to drive, it isn't economical and Friday saw me drive 118 miles for commuting and visits. One of those visits was an urgent visit sprung on me. Not a typical day as regards driving but as it is early days I am not sure how often this could happen. We are a small team and as well as our own work we cover visits for each other, cover clinics, respond to urgent calls and when on duty days, we can be called out to cover anything that comes in. A small camper van would be ideal as pit stops for comfort breaks, beverages and the opportunity to stop off and look at interesting things like churches, wildlife, etc...

My plan is to stay in this job for the next five years and earn money to live and enjoy life. I really don't want to go through another period of unemployment, applying for jobs and fretting about money so perhaps I have learned a valuable lesson. This will ensure things like the mortgage are paid off and necessary work completed on the house. But I want to enjoy life and the time I spend at work and having a camper van for work and play will help. Looking back through my blog and the same theme of going to Hadrian's Wall, Whitby, historical sites, etc...comes up and every year I don't go. I am lazy and I am also a homebody who prefers to spend money on my cats and modelling but, sometimes I miss the obvious and exchanging my car for a camper van seems like the obvious solution. I'm also aware that part of being a lazy homebody is an excuse for dealing with my anxiety and avoiding going out, which is ironic as I spend a lot of time doing anxiety management with patients! So no excuses, I'll be saving up, pricing up camper vans and loans and before the spring I intend to have sorted out a 'new' small camper van which will cope with commuting, work mileage and trips away. I like the idea of lunch breaks consisting of camper van picnics in scenic spots between visits.



Blogger Scoakat said...

I've watched a lot of tiny house videos, which led to these camper van videos, which is how I found and now love narrowboat videos, a few channels specifically, on youtube.

I hope you find a good one for you. And I can't wait to see it.

12:46 am  
Blogger delcatto said...

Thank you. As soon as I sort one out I'll announce it, probably early next year.
I've been watching narrowboat videos too. I couldn't live aboard one but back in 1983 four of us hired a boat to travel up the Thames for a week. Good holiday but being arrested by the police in Reading wasn't fun and cut short our holiday!

6:27 pm  
Blogger Scoakat said...

Hooligan! LOL, Cheers!

12:47 am  

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