Saturday, September 29, 2018

Well...that was a month, stepping from the very pedestrian pavement directly into the fast lane of my return to work. I was tucked up in bed most nights by 10 p.m. and up at 5.30 each morning. What didn't help was some 'abdominal problems' midway through the month requiring an urgent doctor's appointment. Happily, now sorted and I feel reasonably hale and hearty. I had a few glasses of Laphroaig last night to celebrate my birthday (today) and payday so today will be a quiet one. The gardening and modelling can wait until tomorrow. A gentle early morning stroll with Mrs C. along the river to clear my head and watch the swans, then some shopping and I made a nearly full English breakfast plus fresh brewed coffee to fortify the inner man.

My current build is a U.S.N. F4F-4 Wildcat circa early 1942, a plane I have long wanted to build and this kit was going very cheap and it included the Photo etch parts for the engine, cowling and cockpit.

Tiny metal parts, superglue and fat fingers are not a combination designed to promote calm. The kit is 1/72nd scale so small to start off with but so far a thoroughly enjoyable build.  I don't have much time now for building so I now set aside a few hours each week as quality modelling time where I can escape the world and immerse myself in each build.

The job is going well and I am enjoying it. A great team, very busy but a much more relaxed atmosphere and we are treated as adults and professionals. A lot of driving  which I expected but after the sterile and artificially lit hospital wards this really is a breath of fresh air. Working as a lower band 5 community nurse I am building up a caseload of the bread and butter work with only a few complex cases as they go to the band 6 nurses, most of whom I had working as students with me when I was a band 6 and 7 nurse! It is odd being the newest and most junior member of the team yet having more experience and qualifications than the others. Happily I am paid at top band 5 which combined with my pension isn't a bad deal. I also like the area we cover and know it well having worked here previously. All in all I am happy and my intention is to stay here for the next few years until I do finally retire. Now for more coffee and some birthday Toblerone.


Anonymous Blue Witch said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

Glad things continue to go well.

9:19 pm  
Blogger Scoakat said...

Yes, happy belated Birthday! I'm happy you like the job, I hope the driving doesn't become tedious again. Check your seat for proper support!

My situation is similar, I'm being re-trained with copies that have my 5+ year old handwriting on them!

10:46 pm  
Anonymous chivas 21 said...

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8:36 am  
Anonymous delcatto said...

Thank you folks. I’m getting nearer the auld Bugger stage of life. Flat cap, pipe, terrier and grumpy disposition!

8:41 pm  

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