Tuesday, August 14, 2018

I didn't get the job and the feedback was interesting. I knew I hadn't performed well and the interviewer, whom I have known for many years stated "You were in the room but you weren't present. It's not like you". I explained recent events and that possibly accounted for my being distracted. Oddly enough, once I'd accepted the result and felt sorry for myself, I gave myself a 'shake' and I felt angry with myself. The interview shook me out of the torpor I've experienced for many months now and I feel more fired up for the next set of interviews. So a good result in an odd sort of way.

The other interesting feedback is that I have been out of MH for the last eight months and I have become rusty. So I have set myself 'homework' with some brief notes on a a number of scenarios from my working life appropriate with each upcoming interview as well as researching recent developments in MH and social care. Suitably shaken, prepared but not stirred! 

Regarding Fuchsias as mentioned in BW's blog...I'm annoyed to discover that my recent weed clearance accidentally removed our only Fuchsia. Mrs C pointed this out when I showed her the pictures and how I'd like to plant some. For the life of me I cannot recall a Fuchsia in the garden...



Anonymous Blue Witch said...

Fuchsias - even hardy ones - can die. We lost a very old established hardy fuchsia in the April snow. It might not have been anything you did!

I feel sad that after just 8 months out they are saying you are out of date. You've forgotten more than most younger/less experienced MH nurses will ever know... and much of what I currently see fanfared (is that even a word?!) as cutting-edge new developments in the school MH world is stuff I did when training anyway. Well, I guess it is their loss, but that's of no help to you right now.

The right job will come along, it's just taking a bit longer to find it than hoped. Better luck with the next interviews.

7:29 pm  
Blogger Scoakat said...

I agree with BW, the right job will come along in due time. Cheers to you for making taking the positive from this experience and good luck in the upcoming interviews! And I like the picture, I get why you chose it!

11:31 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

Thank you for your kind words.

Apart from some gardening today I spent time looking at possible questions and answers for the next interview.
Reading about the latest developments in MH recovery work and this is stuff I learnt and used years ago. My cynical view is that services are set up for the staff and organisations rather than the recipient of the services offered. What astonishes me is that there is now a big drive to take care of the physical health of clients. I thought the clue was in the name nurse? Astonishing. This is basic stuff I learnt over thirty years ago. But I shall be mindful and not speak out of turn as I really do need a job.

5:46 pm  
Anonymous Blue Witch said...

Yeah, but do point out to them all of this stuff, in a nice way... you have so much to offer.

Given recent feedback, it seems that the Powers That Be feel that you may not be the best versed at interviews these days, but you *do* know your stuff in a real-world situation. And maybe that is the thing to say when it comes to the 'do you have any questions' bit?

For example, perhaps you could say something along the lines of, "I get the feeling that I may not have given you the exact answers that your tick boxes require these days, but I do have x years of experience, and have helped many people find a different way over the years... I hope you won't write me off as a 'has been' because I really do still have an awful lot of experience, both clinical and real world, to offer, both to clients and to colleagues."

I think you have to make 'you' fit the interview, not the other way round.

Apologies if that is not helpful, but I do feel your frustration, and I think you need to think of your USP - years and years of highly successful experience, and show it to them, in spite of the 'interview' questions they have come up with.

4:16 pm  

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