Wednesday, January 04, 2017

A visit to the dentist this morning for my six monthly check up and all is well. My regular dentist was on leave but another impossibly slim Catalan woman had a rummage around my wide open gob. She noted a couple of minor issues but they didn't warrant any interventions and I stated my preference for leaving well alone. She was slightly perplexed by the self removal of  the troublesome tooth and I apologised for not having it to hand for her to examine. No.1 son was somewhat freaked out by it and threw it away much to my annoyance.

I am pleased to have the day off after another sleepless night as I can quietly doze off in my armchair and catch up on much needed sleep. Roll on the MRI scan and hopefully appointments with the physiotherapist otherwise I may have to start sleeping in the armchair as that relieves the discomfort. The downside of that is waking up with two or three cats fast asleep on one!



Anonymous Blue Witch said...

Next time you are visiting your Mum, give me a shout a week or so before and I'll put you in touch with my sports massage therapist. She could undoubtedly sort your shoulder problems out in 1 or 2 sessions (and would probably see you at your Mum's as she also works at Colchester Hospital a couple of days a week).

She is amazing (and a qualified phsio as well). I have yet to find an ache/pain on a person that she can't fix.

1:37 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

Thanks BW. I will do that.

7:42 pm  

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