Friday, December 02, 2016

A welcome day off and I am sipping fresh brewed coffee and listening to (close your eyes and cover your ears Blue Witch!) Christmas songs. Doubly welcome today as the past week has been 'one of those weeks!'

The picture above shows the troublesome tooth I have been worrying at for the past two weeks as it was loose and wobbly. Toothache dealt with via pain killers and whisky eventually saw me remove the offending tooth finally the other evening. It really is a 'Don't do this at home kids, go see your dentist' homily because my level of stupidity in doing this exceeds 11 on the volume button. It is done now and when I see my dentist in January for my regular appointment to have it removed she will find the job's already been done.
The  other reasons for the welcome day off includes dreadful shoulder / neck pain which is more worrying, an ex-patient of mine who was subjected to arson by feral scrotes and a very busy work schedule. But a welcome night out tonight with friends for a meal and to let our hair down should also help. Plus... I am looking forward to the festive season!


Anonymous Blue Witch said...

Sorry to hear Delcatto - please find someone who does sports massage to sort out that neck/shoulder. A few quid now will save you months of agony and painkillers in the long run.

And I dread to think how you pulled out that tooth yourself. Did the tooth fairy arrive to collect it?

3:18 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

It's disappeared!
I think my son threw it out as he was freaked out by it.

8:54 pm  
Blogger Scoakat said...

I don't know how I missed this. I hope you feel better, anyway! Hopefully healing is well under way by now.

9:00 pm  

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