Wednesday, April 06, 2016

                                    This blog is ten years old today.

I am amazed that I have written this nonsense for that period of time and that an occasional reader pops in to look at my inane drivelling. For much of my time I have self censored the blog, often removing or discarding posts because of my need to remain under the radar whilst working as a mental health nurse. Managers, CEO's and HR departments have kittens / attacks of the vapours / worry we will let the public know how crap it all is when staff express personal opinions about the service. I am also aware that at times I have had little of interest to say, primarily because of work and living a dull life lacking in whistles and bells. So where to next?

I have applied for some part-time work and I am once again looking to implement that elusive work - life balance as I earn enough to keep bread on the table but also time to grow, smell and if needs be, paint the flowers. I am meeting up with some ex-colleagues this Friday for a meal to celebrate more of them moving on which may involve a drop or two of beer and a late night boogie to live music. I am wondering who is left in the team because that will be six people who have left. I am also considering what it is I would like to do for the next twenty or so years. Lots of ideas are bubbling away although the main one is to sort my weight and health out... again! That is necessary because some of the other ideas involve cycling and walking e.g. Hadrian's Wall. It would be very nice to finally get there, clap eyes on it and to walk some of it. To do that I need to regain some fitness so I shall be joining the fat fighters club and dusting off the bicycle for early morning rides.

It's also been pointed out to me that my fear of going away and leaving the dog for a couple of days is stopping me achieving these things. Given her age my fear is that I will be away for a couple of days and she will drop down dead. She seems to have aged rapidly these past several weeks and despite the medications we are mopping up damp patches from both ends. Notwithstanding that, she plods on and is otherwise ok. Mrs C has told me that the pooch mopes, goes off her food and is generally miserable when I go away. Sadly, she now walks short distances only and she would not cope with a walking holiday. When I started this blog she was in the prime of life and a lot of changes have happened in my life over the past ten years. I wonder what the next ten years will bring when I will be sixty five years of age when that comes round. I still won't be able to claim the state pension at that time! For the next few weeks my priority will be the garden (It's a mess) and with better weather (fingers crossed) I can have windows open so that I can get on with some much needed redecorating. Life in the fast lane indeed.



Anonymous Seany said...

Happy 10th Birthday Tears Before Pearls!

It's not often I leave comments these days, but I subscribe to the RSS feed so I'll always have a read when anything new appears.

Hears to the next 10 (wonder if I'll have revived my blog my then?!)

6:52 pm  
Blogger Scoakat said...

Happy 10th Blogday, Delcatto!

I can't remember when, but I think it's a good bet I've been around for most of those years. I think I first came here via Tom Reynolds' ambulance blog, Random Reality.
Well, time well spent, Del. Good to know you and I hope you keep it up!

11:57 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

Thank you chaps. It's odd looking back and how some things have changed whilst other things remain the same.

10:19 am  
Anonymous Blue Witch said...

Happy Blogday, belatedly. I'm always interested to read here.

And it's certainly much harder to remain anonymous than it was 10 (even 5) years ago.

7:08 pm  

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