Saturday, April 09, 2016

That was an interesting night out... fifteen women and me. The looks I got from some of the other blokes in the pub and the restaurant was priceless! It was a good send off for the three people moving on to other teams with a lot of conversation and laughter. The majority of people stuck to soft drinks apart from a couple of us who did not have to drive and enjoy drinking alcohol. I'm suffering this morning from over indulging on the nan bread and the spices. I also had a chat with my ex-boss and I have agreed to do some bank work, two days a week assessing new referrals and doing the injections. Having looked at non-nursing jobs I ran, once again, into a brick wall as I am too old, over qualified or they can't understand why a nurse wants to do low paid part-time clerical / driving jobs.

Once back in the saddle with some money coming in I will bite the bullet and look at buying a 'new' second hand motor. The Suzuki runs ok for local journeys but it is no longer up to travelling long distances. Everything rattles and shakes, it also seems to drive very slowly... or is that just me? I certainly feel thoroughly shaken after any journey over an hour long spent in it. I will be sensible this time and look at newish small dependable cars although I still have that hankering for a small motorhome. We discussed part-time retirement and travelling via motorhome around the UK last night. One ex-colleague has never travelled outside of the UK which astonished me as she is now in her fifties. Hence the discussion about UK holidays and my desire to visit Scottish castles and whisky distilleries as well as walking up there. It also helps that one ex-colleague has a caravan up there and knows Scotland very well. For today however, a slow recovery from the excesses of last night with plenty of tea and toast, a trip to the bookies for a bet on the Grand National and an indoors day as the rain continues to drench the garden.



Anonymous Blue Witch said...

"That was an interesting night out... fifteen women and me. The looks I got from some of the other blokes in the pub and the restaurant was priceless!"

Did they think you were the gay best friend do you think? ;)

Now, don't get sucked into doing more hours than you really want to... And don't forget to apply for the Marriage Allowance (if you're eligible). It'll cut your joint tax bill by £220 this year.

Which small motorhome did you mention before?

7:03 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

Hi BW. Good to see you back.
It was a Romahome, a small camper based on the old Citroen C15.

I can only think that was wishful thinking on their part. A fat scruffily dressed middle-aged bloke with a lot of women.

Re. the hours, I have suggested two days a week. I will contact my ex-boss tomorrow as I have been busy this week. I shall blog about it.

5:04 pm  

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