Monday, April 04, 2016

Still here and pottering on. Little to say other than the usual although the weather has 'improved' and I can now spend more time in the garden in between the showers.

I started this post yesterday but I am afraid I am currently experiencing the 'doldrums'. I put it down to the change from a high pressure job where I was constantly busy and had little time to think beyond the work I was doing; to my current status of having lots of free time. I am not complaining because I like the lack of stress and as well as the daily walks, reading and now renewing my boyhood hobby of building military models, I plan to pick up and play the mandolin again. I guess a sense of mañana has crept in and I now take my time doing things. I do feel sidelined from a lot of what is happening but I also have the luxury of sitting back and observing life. Boy! Do we humans ever make a shambles of it all. The latest revelations that those in power are crooks, thieves and charlatons.  Tell us something we don't already know and this is apparently minor compared to what else is going on with other tax havens, although I suspect these leaks will give more grist to the conspiracists out there.

I mentioned reading and I pulled together the recent books I bought...

A bit of an eclectic selection which shows some of my interests particularly history, poetry and spy / crime novels. As today is somewhat wet (understatement!) I guess I shall give myself over to a good book and brew up some fresh coffee. I haven't dared to consider what I have awaiting me on the kindle although the majority of the real books I buy tend to be second hand and when the postage of £2.75 is £2.74 more than the cost of the book... I'm surprised I restrain myself so much when perusing amazon.  I hope your day is enjoyable and productive, I am off to lose myself in the written page.



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