Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I bit the bullet (bad analogy as I have a sore tooth) and returned to the local fat fighters club. Having avoided it for four weeks I am pleased to see I put on only five pounds. I am returning to a more disciplined regime and I will be making a few subtle changes to my lifestyle to stop the bad habits (Late night reading for one). It is odd at times being the only bloke present and it is interesting hearing some of the conversations as sometimes the women forget I am there. It's a comfortable, relaxed and supportive atmosphere free from the usual testosterone driven bollocks.

I am stuck in limbo as I await a start date for the job although I know the hold up will be due to my ex-boss having to provide a reference. He's a lovely bloke but one of his faults is an inability to respond to mail, electronic or otherwise. A return to work is one of the reasons for my desire to lose weight so that I am fighting fit and full of energy for the fray. From what I hear, the cutbacks are biting in mental health services with fewer staff and an increased workload. I am still struggling to comprehend 'Payment by Results' (PBR) when applied to individuals with severe and chronic mental illnesses. Heart failure... here's a pathway to the solution for that; paranoid schizophrenia... here is a maze of myriad possibilities depending upon A,B,C etc...
A = Lock up and heavy duty medication; B = 2-3 years + of intensive support from specialist team using psychological, social and medical interventions; C = Benign neglect; D = Who knows and latest wheeze.  Guess which of those options is cheapest and will be the default position? Before anyone points it out, yes I know we need to have costs, value for money, audits, etc... But from experience I take the view that B, although expensive in the immediate and short term, is the most cost effective solution when viewed over the long term as an individual is enabled to return to an active life. Repeated hospital admissions, loss of employment, housing, homelessness, police, etc... is certainly not the cheapest option when seen in purely financial terms.  Sadly, apart from lip service to other values politicians tend to focus upon five year cycles and the economics of everything which they invariably screw up. Damn... I am on my soapbox again. So I intend to get myself back in shape and ready for action.
The late night reading... it leads to me sleeping in the following day and a tardy start to each day with most of the time wasted. I am also prone to wandering into the kitchen in search of snacks hence I now have a supply of pickled onions and gherkins in to address that snacking issue. It also annoys Mrs C who gets up at 04.30 each morning to ready herself for work and I am a noisy somewhat clumsy oaf when going to bed at 2 a.m. Mind you, I also star gaze as well watching the ISS, various satellites and the stars themselves. A wonderful antidote to ones own worries and the nonsense that often occurs here on earth but not conducive to early nights. This site is particularly good for information regarding star gazing from the UK and it's worth browsing it. I feel the pull of a strong cuppa...


Anonymous Blue Witch said...

Just the same in education - if they did a Plan B early on, there'd never be a need for later involvement of other services. Including, in many cases, I'm sure, MH.

So short-sighted.

Good luck with the non-munching.

8:17 am  
Blogger delcatto said...

Thankee kindly BW.
I am having the breakfast of Royalty... Porridge with mixed berries.
MH has such a global impact, 'even' something as 'benign' as anxiety. benign being defined by ignoramuses, the media,etc..

10:07 am  

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