Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Absolutely tipping it down here and No.1 has gone off to the Isle of Wight with Network (Scouts) for the next few days. I dropped him off and then watched in amazement as one of the girls produced enough stuff for several weeks camping including a large cuddly toy. No 1 is excited and it's good to see him in a good mood after further no shows when applying for jobs. He has now approached a local pizza chain who are looking for workers after spotting an advert in the window. I guess there will be the usual 200 applicants because there is nothing else around here. I jokingly said if he gets the job it will be a family tradition as I made pizza's for a living thirty years ago. Writing of the lack of employment opportunities leads me to education and the following article. I think some people (Jon Overton) could benefit from shepherding sheep for the next decade or three because clearly they are a menace to children. On the world stage of education how many graduates of a high calibre are being prduced annually from India, China, Indonesia, Korea, etc...? Does this numpty heed believe those graduates achieved this without a good basic education? As for buying a young child a smartphone... If my son was starting out in education now I would be applying for jobs abroad to give him the best chance in life. He is looking at college courses (I.T) although he is worried about student loans, etc... I suggested if that's what it takes to go for it and that any menial job which brings him a wage will see him through it. The trouble is that even the menial jobs are over subscribed when they crop up. We'll see how it goes over the next few months...


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