Saturday, March 31, 2012

What can I say? I like chocolate although my preference is for dark chocolate and I like marmite. But even I was surprised to see the above for sale and I just had to buy a bar. I undid the foil wrapper (polite version of "I tore the wrapper open with my teeth") and the scent of marmite assailed my nostrils. Absolutely delightful and hopefully a harbinger of the taste. I ate two small squares and I was somewhat nonplussed... milk chocolate with a hint of marmite. I offered some to Mrs C. but she regards marmite as the devils excreta and refused the offering. It is no loitering with intent in the freezer as I now eat only the odd square of chocolate every now and then.

I am now 2700 words into my essay and I have been revising mental health law over the past two days. The essay I now realise will more than fulfill the 4k word limit and I will be wielding the pruning shears once completed, especially since my analysis needs to sharpen up to meet expected standards. I shall be a happier bunny when I submit it for the deadline in just over two weeks time. An unexpected sideline from all of this studying is that I can apply much of it to my teaching others on the wards and in care homes. I have already set aside some articles for students in the crisis team as well as rewriting my care home presentation and it has given me some ammunition for future discussions with management.
Notwithstanding all of that, I am looking forward to a couple of weeks off in the summer with plans to do very little beyond visiting the land of the East Saxons to see family, potter around the garden and a couple of day trips out... barring further fuel crises! I am still astonished at the ineptitude of the government (good way to mask bad news?.. economy), at the panicked reaction of many of the public and stupidity of so many people. The apparently famous British sang froid and stiff upper lip no longer exists. I was asked by a friend what I would do if I couldn't get any petrol for next weeks exams? Travel by bus was my answer and if that was not possible, hitch hike and stay at the college or work overnight. Once the exams are done I might then encounter a long walk home but my priority would be to attend and complete the exams. It is not the end of the world although it may be another sign post on the road to the collapse of the western world as we know it. What with fuel fools, warmish pasties at dawn, Bradford electing a clown as MP and Cameron's come dine with me for a price that's right it's been an odd week here in the increasingly disunited kingdom. Next week I will be immersed in exam anxieties, revision and stress but after six weeks there is light at the end of the tunnel. Just one extra thought comes to mind... one of my fellow students is nearing term for her pregnancy and an exam may become just that little bit more exciting for all of us participants. So next week and this course could finish on a suitably surreal note as one Yorkshire lass gives birth to a Lincolnshire yellowbelly!


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