Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tagged by the delightful Suzie so here goes...

1.What was the last thing you laughed about?
I really did laugh out loud this morning as I listened to the Chris Evans radio show on my way to college. It was some thowaway comment but it really hit the spot.

2. Sweet or savoury?  Savoury... curries, crisps, marmite etc...

3. What annoys you most?  Unfairness. People mistreating others deliberately or without any consideration for them.

4. Only one book for the rest of my life?   The collected Shelock Holmes stories. A dependable constant during the vicissitudes of life.

5. What's the best birthday present I ever received? Tickets to music gigs.

6. Hard copy or e book? Having bought a kindle I am very much hooked on it's accessibility, ease of use and amazed that so much could come in such a small package. I do love real books though so I am opting for the e book but it cannot beat browsing real books in a proper bookshop... with real coffee available.

7. What am I most proud of? My son. I love him to bits.

8. If I thought I was human but I was really a robot / android, would I want to be told? No. Have you seen Blade Runner....?

9. What's the happiest memory of my childhood? Long hot summers spent in Ireland with the extended family, all farmers.

10. If I could have any job in the world, what would I do? Historical research.

11. Where do I see myself in eleven years time?
Retired, walking, keeping cats and dogs, brewing beer, growing veg and working as an amateur historical researcher!

Cheers Suzie!  took time out from my busy study schedule although the next week sees us all stuck into the mental health law exams plus the final week of studies prior to our placements ( as well as the essay to finish).

I saw Nazareth on Sunday nght and I enjoyed a thoroughly great gig. A small venue run by the local bikers and a band I have long wanted to see.The support band were incredibly good and I will keep an eye out for them again.



Blogger Suzanne Jones said...

Great answers :0)

And lots of luck for those exams.


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