Thursday, April 28, 2011

Rather like my cat Mog I have been sheltering from the world of blogging and attending to a busy schedule at work and at home. As a positive I have lost 22 pounds in weight over the past six weeks having joined fat fighters. I can certainly notice the improvements and I feel much better for it. A long way to go but a diet is for life, not just after Christmas! The mutt is certainly enjoying the longer walks. Work is the same old same old... a post for another day. I am pleased to have the next four days off and my plans are to do as little as possible. There is a party in one of the local parks tomorrow for Bert and Ethel's wedding and I might pop in. However, being a staunch republican I may be joining some friends in a local hostelry that has no TV.  This may involve visiting several until I find the right one. Alternatively, a BBQ with music and beer in the garden would perhaps be cheaper. I just have to sort out a new barbecue.
Next week rhere will be the local elections and I have enjoyed reading some of the 'literature' shoved through our letter box and straight to the recycling box. I still have the Socialist Party one on my desk because it is brilliantly bonkers. It blames everybody for the current situation and is vehemently opposed to the various cuts. Not a single word as to how they intend to deal with the situation or what their policies are. They just might get my protest vote although there are two independents standing as well. I may vote for the one who likes cats and proposes sending bankers to fight our foreign wars with defunct blackberries and blunt protractors. As for AV... a definite no because it is a complete con. It will be No.1 son's first chance to vote and he is keen to do so. Anyway, the following video gets my vote and I am off to enjoy the reasonable weather...



Blogger Seany said...

Congrats on the weight loss, thats a fantastic achievement.

No plans here to watch the wedding, but car insurance renewal this week means no plans to visit the pub either!

Thanks for the vid - its not often I get to hear some vintage Quo for the first time

6:51 pm  
Blogger TheFatBigot said...

Losing weight is like so many things in life, it seems a good idea at the time.

Later you realise why you carried that additional weight - because you did things you enjoyed and they resulted in a bit of blubber.

Some people (my brother is one) can eat and drink what they will and never gain a pound. Others (I plead guilty) have a more efficient metabolism and plump up on consumption of the tiniest smidgen of a fried peanut butter sandwich.

For a plumpie to lose weight he must abandon pleasure. The choice we have is between pleasure and misery, between our natural plumpness and an unnaturally thin state.

It's plump pleasure for me every time.

1:38 am  
Blogger delcatto said...

I am afraid I fell off the wagon last night. Beer and chocolate were my downfall!

11:07 am  

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