Saturday, April 09, 2011


Having cut the 'lawn' today I am currently suffering from very itchy eyes despite anti-histamines. But the grass needed cutting and the sun was shining gloriously. I got stuck in and then surveyed my work whilst sipping a welcome mug of tea... then the bunged up nose and itchy eyes crept up on me. However, it's a small price to pay and there are far worse afflictions compared to a bit of hayfever. The garden now looks tidier and the grass actually appears healthy considering the bad winter and a frequently urinating dog. She will only piss on grass!
Mrs C. suggested we place bets on the Grand National today and given her propensity for picking out winners but not backing them we popped in to the bookies and placed an each way bet. My horse came in second so I think I've won a few quid but I only picked it following the racing tips of Clare Balding. That's a pint or a G&T I owe her if our paths ever cross. I rarely bet on the horses as I cannot see the fascination and my gambling is generally confined to the Fantasy tax (lottery) each week. My Dad was a major contributor to the local turf accountant as well as the local pubs. I inherited the latter but I worked briefly in a bookies when I was eighteen and I could see what a mugs game it was even at that tender age. I have been to Ascot for a stag do and it was a good day out but I have never wanted to repeat the experience. Banger and stock car racing appealed more to me rather than horses. Mind you, I have never been dog racing although I have frequently gone to the dogs! I have been told that 'The Dogs' is a good fun evening out although Doncaster is a long way to go for an evening out. I will collect my winnings tomorrow and that'll be my lot with the bookies until the next Grand national.


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