Friday, April 29, 2011

Apart from one glimpse of the TV during a brief discussion with Mrs C. I have avoided the TV and radio thus far today. An honourable mention in dispatches to Planet Rock for an ordinary music day with no mention of royalty. I still believe a quick trip out to Las Vegas and an Elvis wedding would have sufficed. Cheaper, fun and a holiday rolled in as well plus some good music.

The over indulgence in beer and chocolate last night left me feeling somewhat lacking in va va voom this morning but a pot of fresh coffee and grilled bacon sorted me out. Some shopping plus browsing in bookshops... well, lots of browsing in bookshops brought a welcome return to equilibrium. Walking the bouncing mutt also helped. I now feel refreshed and ready for the world several hours later. So much so I spent some time in the garden where some of my tomato plants did not survive the move to the plastic greenhouse. There is also no sign of any chilli plants. It was a long shot using old seeds and I have had to purchase two new chilli plants. They'll stay indoors until the nights are consistently warmer. Looking for a suitable photo I came across this...

                     Photo courtesy of

My plastic greenhouse is shop bought and a lot smaller so as to take advantage of the shelter and avoid the Montgolfier effect that kiboshed the previous two greenhouses. My other purchase was a new computer chair to replace the knackered chair which caused a certain numbness in the knackers (excuse the medical terminology) after being seated for more than twenty minutes. I did look longingly at some plastic inflatable chairs and I have suggested to Mrs C. that bean bags and inflatable furniture is the future for home furnishings. She pointed out the downside of having three cats and anything inflatable. The inflatable paddling pools for those all too brief English summers rarely survived the curiosity of our cats.
Time for more coffee and check if the all clear has sounded yet.


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