Tuesday, March 22, 2011

During my travels aound the county today I made good use of the excellent sunny weather. I had my lunch break amidst the ruins of Bolingbroke Castle, soaking up the sun and enjoying the peace and quiet apart from some Eider ducks hoping for crumbs. Plenty of hikers and ramblers in evidence about the Wolds although my 140 mile round trip and various assessments sadly kept me too busy to enjoy more than thirty minutes of tranquility. Several years back I took No.1 son to the castle ruins to see an English Civil War re-enactment. I thoroughly enjoyed it but he found it boring although he liked the cannons. Hopefully there will be some more of that this year around the county. I did briefly consider joining The Sealed Knot but haphazard work shift patterns always interfered. I'll stick to enjoying the shows...
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