Monday, February 07, 2011

It's a mite windy out thar... so much so the mutt suffered flappy ear syndrome during her walk, which freaks her out. Stopping to check out the noises following her and jumping whenever something clatters and bangs. However, excess energy run off from 'chase the stick' (hours of fun!) and a brief chase of some local wildfowl has done the trick. She's sprawled out on the floor fast asleep whilst I enjoy freshly ground and brewed New Guinea coffee. Why New Guinea? It was reduced in price and I hadn't drunk it before. The fair trade label undoubtedly ticked boxes but the price was right for me. The coffee grinder I bought some years ago was an excellent investment and it reminds me of the coffee shop I walked past as a nipper. The smell of roasted coffee beans and the large machine that ground them always fascinated me. I came late to real coffee and I now view it as one of the perks (excuse the lame pun) during days off. Freshly brewed coffee, chortle at the news on 't net and some excellent music playing. With all the bad news it seems appropriate to play the blues and who better to explain it.



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