Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A day for some spring cleaning, hoovering and dusting with Abba blasting out. The windows are wide open to blow the cobwebs away despite the grey drizzle but at 6 degrees celsius it does feel positively mild. There is enough dog hair for two jumpers and rather too much dust. I finally threw out some old shoes and the other day I burnt a load of old beer guides and assorted rubbish. No.1's drum kit will be heading for the charity shop for recycling at some point as well old clothes. I also disposed of a  black bag of ropey old novels to the charity shop. Mrs C. is having a lie down in a darkened room because she can't quite believe I have thrown stuff out. I do have a tendency to hoard stuff, especially books and clothes. But once a year I get rid of unnecessary clutter and spring's a good time for it all to go.there is still too much in the wardrobe so I guess this weekend the local Samaritans shop will be getting more clothing. The hoovering saw the usual frenzied feline rush for the exits although they have now returned to default positions: sleeping on, under or beside the radiators. I do sometimes wonder, am I odd in that I enjoy hoovering? Time for a cuppa and then to crack on.


Blogger Scoakat said...

I, too, must go through my clothing. I have been putting it off for years. I went through my pants a couple weeks ago and have been putting off the rest.
I still hope to lose weight to fit everything again!

12:31 am  
Anonymous Blue Witch said...

Don't ever get interested in textile art, or you will never be able to throw away even the most worn-out piece of clothing ever again...

8:10 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

Little chance of that BW. I have the artistic flair of a house brick!

I'm off to join the local slimming club Scoakat. So hopefully I will have the opportunity to throw away some clothes in a few months time.

12:19 pm  

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