Friday, February 19, 2010

I was recently asked by a friend whether we had many referrals for people claiming they were possessed. I can only think of two people who believed they were possessed or visited by demons and evil spirits. One had a rigorous West Indian Christian upbringing and on one visit to see her I inadvertently walked into a full-blown exorcism. The less said about that episode the better.
The other involved a woman in her late fifties who believed she was visited by an incubus most nights of the week and a colleague from another team asked me to assess and give my considered opinion. After a couple of visits my colleague nearly fell off her chair when I agreed that from the woman's perspective she could well be 'possessed'. She didn't believe in the medications offered or the "trick cycling quacks of a pseudo-science" (I still love that phrase and I often quote it to challenge students). I suggested she needed to make some friends, attempt to find a relationship because she was a strong and attractive but evidently lonely woman and in the meantime to invest in a vibrator. If that didn't work she could then call in a priest. It was her turn to blink in surprise but after some consideration she agreed. She asked me for the rationale for my suggestions. I said that she needed to consider her earthly needs before exploring the supernatural and that she struck me as a strong, capable and determined woman who did not suffer fools gladly. With most men in her age group taken, infirm or useless she was lonely and isolated and she also had no close female friends. She was also a keen organic gardener and ecologically aware with a touch of the 'earth mother' about her which was unfulfilled. The upshot of this was that she did follow my advice: She bought herself various sex toys, joined some local groups and she got herself a dog. I received a note a few months later from my colleague thanking me for the guidance and that the 'possession' was no longer a problem. The note also stated that if ever I became available on the singles market and liked older women to look her up! She regained her self possession...


Blogger Scoakat said...

Wow, that was a great read Delcatto. Nice story- I'm enjoying figuring you out! I hope its likewise.

8:05 am  
Blogger Seany said...

Interesting post. Left me musing the times I wished I'd told some of my customers to go f*** themselves!

1:29 pm  

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