Saturday, December 19, 2009

Winter has arrived and work yesterday evening was fun & games...winter olympics. On three occasions we skidded towards dykes out by the coast with visibility reduced to a couple of yards. We had to rescue someone whose car had left the road and help them home. Then a couple of us had a snowball fight amongst the parked cars. Well, it kept us warm and our spirits up! Thankfully after a busy eight days I now have two days off and the pooch enjoyed an early morning excursion to the park and ate the snowballs thrown at her. She loves the snow and as I write she is curled up next to a radiator. Apparently it will drop as low as -8 tonight. I intend to remain wrapped up indoors with spotify and beer to fortify me through the cold spell. Sadly, I have some shopping to attend to this afternoon including posting the last present off to my mother. Thank the gods for M&S vouchers. I must away and face the crowds.


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