Tuesday, December 01, 2009

First day of December and a proper winters day....especially cold at 6 a.m. It's also the advent countdown to Christmas day and we haven't got an advent calender in. I'll be popping out later to amend that absence. Apart from the cold itself it's the cats flinging themselves at the windows each evening in their desire to get into the warm which reminds us winter is upon us. It's also hard to put the furry buggers out in the mornings as they hide away. Mrs C. will dig out the Christmas tree and decorations this weekend and despite my son adopting his 'not bothered' attitude he is looking forward to Christmas. He broke his mobile over the weekend so that's one present bought and given early. It is cheaper than allowing him near the landline.
We're sticking to the buy only what's necessary for Christmas approach rather than buy in enough supplies for the siege of Leningrad. The supermarkets have the panic buyers in already with trolleys groaning under the weight of food, presents, etc...I am again working an early shift on Christmas day but I quite enjoy it. I am also on with one of the more delightful members of the team so we can have radio 4 on, coffee and mince pies with those patients who need us and a civilised approach to the day. As for sending cards...family, close friends and a donation to charity with a pint for some friends in the local pub. Mrs C. has hinted at various presents so I'll be out shopping later this week as well as a few small stocking fillers for No.1 and the family. It is true tho'...the older one gets the quicker Christmas comes around again.


Blogger Suzanne Jones said...

Very true - Christmas has caught me by surprise again. It seems like only last week I took last year's cards down.


8:45 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

One moment it was a boring, dull mundane November and then an explosion of bright lights, bells and trolley madness all to a background of 'Silent Night'.

8:53 am  

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