Thursday, December 10, 2009

After the shenanigans of Monday things have been quieter on the homefront. No.1 is helping out with the scout post so he needs lifts to get there each evening and he's hoping this work will count towards his big camping trip next summer. Mrs C. had some extra hours at work so even the financial situation is slightly better. I popped out last night to support the local pool team and sample a brew I hadn't tried excellent pint. Also a chance to chew the fat and have a few laughs.

Tomorrow my colleague and I have an opportunity to discuss our futures as best interests assessors. It could be good news but there have been some heated discussions with the commissioners regarding contracts which, although everyone acknowledges the fault lies with senior managers, could see the blame falling upon us as the easiest targets so who knows what will happen. I have to admit those jobs advertised for nurses in British Columbia do look damned enticing. Especially since yesterdays PBR has addressed nothing and the public sector desperately needs pruning. Our NHS trust is already looking at 'efficiencies' but I believe frontline staff will be screwed again rather than the unnecessary paper pushers, 'managers' and bean counters. I guess if my pension is threatened the choice regarding a move abroad in a couple of years time will be easier to make. Freezing pay, allowing natural wastage, making cuts to the unnecessary bureaucracy would be a start. It's too early to make any decisions because my son needs to get through college with our support. Interesting times indeed...


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