Tuesday, November 03, 2009

A colleague at work introduced me to this animation. I'll let you make your own mind up as to its merits but several of us are convinced it shows an incredible imagination but also illustrates the experience of psychosis. This episode is mild but the others become progressively more disturbing.

A busy two days covering both jobs so I am glad to sit, sip a beer and enjoy spotify: Jethro Tull is the current music of choice. The pooch walked and paddled with the added bonus of no fireworks although a brief confrontation with the swans. All rather one sided as she ignores them because they are large and she can only chase pigeons and ducks, coward that she is. However, I'll have to limit the walks to the mornings for the next few days until the town is hopefully firework free.
Last week involved three nights out at the Tap with Saturday night being hugely enjoyable. The band played seventies punk covers with an especially fine rendition of Penetration. It brought back memories of small sweaty pubs in Camden and Islington with lots of alcohol, noise and life in the raw. Sadly I still can't recall many of the bands I saw although I imagine most of them disappeared fairly quickly. It's a short step to 'five pints, a bag of chips and bus fare home and all from a quid' through my rose coloured spectacles if I continue in this vein.


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