Friday, October 02, 2009

Panic on the streets of Grimsby...well, in our household at least. The interspatialnettospheremajiggamabob stopped working. We (N0.1 son) eventually realised it was the router which had died. It was an ex-router, defunct, no more, shuffled off this mortal coil but it was neither Norwegian or blue. As the readies are in short supply the replacement was another one of the same until I can buy an N wireless router next year (faster all round). The Panic? No.1 son could not use his laptop although the desktop PC worked fine off the modem and cue the horror of arguments for the computer. £30.00 well spent and the new router is also not Norwegian or blue...

Sad techiephile that I am I spent too much time drooling over various routers at Maplins, Argos and Tes(weruletheworld)co as well the other IT goodies they have on offer.
Still on my 'hols' but I spent some time today working to avoid others arranging my working day on Monday. Mrs C. attends the clinic for her results from the latest set of biopsies ("The cat's done a biopsy in my beret") and I want to accompany her. A couple of people initially not happy with this but tough shit: family come first as Mrs C. is irreplaceable and work can truly be so much bollocks when compared to real life. Fingers crossed and I hope the three legged rabbits can forgive me.


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