Thursday, October 08, 2009

Mrs C and I popped into the local job centre this morning. Unsurprisingly it was very busy with two security guards and lots of people milling around the place as the tannoy called out various names. We used one of the many terminals after eventually finding one that both worked and printed off the jobs she picked out. Under local jobs we observed the following places: London, Croydon and Sheffield...local...ish if you are Canadian and your corner shop is 150 miles up the road. But she found a couple of properly local part time cleaning jobs and plans to apply along with the 400 or so others who are chasing the same jobs.The job centre itself was open plan in various shades of green and pastel apart from the security guards in blue who wouldn't frighten our cat Molly and she's afraid of nearly everything. As I said to Mrs C. whilst we wended our way home "Is it too late to move to New Zealand?" I guess we'll have to rely upon word of mouth and local ads for any jobs for her.


Blogger Seany said...

Our bunch have organised some "outplacement consultants" to help in our quest. I guess time will tell how much more effective they are than a trip down the job centre...

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