Saturday, October 31, 2009 buses you wait for ages and then two posts come together!

It should have been a longer post but I wanted to get the shopping done which included hair colour and fake blood.I still have to pop out and buy Mrs C. a card & present for her birthday tomorrow. What does she want?...I have no idea. Sadly, it will be cheap and cheerful because she's still unemployed and No.1 son who attends college for two days a week can't find any work. Ho hum, I can't complain because I am still gainfully employed and kept extremely busy at both jobs. The good news is that finally my efforts may be about to pay off and the service manager was singing my praises the other day in connection with another possible secondment. The only downside to it is that it again involves a lot of travelling, another 100 mile round trip commute plus mileage as I perform community visits on top. It is another of these 'fire brigade' jobs where government and NHS policies combine to change services and oops! Where did that great big gaping hole appear with vulnerable clients plummeting through it? Meanwhile, underemployed clueless numpties have been promoted into positions for which they lack experience and commonsense. Amer, moi? Naturellement.* Mainly because I see standards slipping and patients left struggling because of clueless morons who do not comprehend how useless they really are. The job will be several months of plugging the gaps and inevitably dealing with the difficult patients whom other services avoid. The ones I inevitably like which says what a strange fellow I am. Sigh...I am a grumpy old sod tho' and perhaps this is the way of the world as one gets older. Anyhow, the post is not available until next year so I can concentrate on the here and now.
I am no nearer to deciding what present I should buy Mrs.C and perhaps I just need to take a stroll around the town centre. Joy unbounded...crowds and I have no idea what I am looking for. A recipe for disaster.

*Yes I know it should be 'amer je?', but we are talking Franglais here.


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