Thursday, October 15, 2009

I must be out of practice because I have just completed a week's solid work and it never seemed to stop; that was for both of my jobs with the two seeming to barge into each other at one point. What's interesting is that the six months 'away' seems to have left me a little chilled and more relaxed now that I am back doing the crisis work. Not much has changed with deliberate self harm, alcohol, homelessness and relationship problems all contributing to the mix. But today I felt absolutely shattered and in need of my days off.

What else is new....some moron has broken one of my wing mirrors. So not new merely a theme on an old familiar tune. Mrs C is no nearer to finding work and No.1 son is trying to find a part time job. With nearly 6k people out of work locally I'm not sure he will meet with much success because he's only 16. Even Mcdonald's can afford to pick & choose staff and they will play safe with over eighteen's. Applications have gone in for temporary Christmas jobs so he may strike lucky there.
However, I have three days off and gardening and sleep are my plans for them.


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