Friday, October 23, 2009

I guess it is no coincidence that this was published following the QT debate with Persil 'Whiter than white' Griffin. The article made me laugh and is extremely informative as well, especially following the links re. Professor Lenski. Godwin's law will be liberally (no pun intended) applied all over the internet with extremely broad brushes.
I have no intention of writing about Persil Griffin because you can read about it at length on several thousand sites and I have little desire to inflict his truly awful racist views upon the occasional reader who wanders on here by mistake. Sadly, amongst many of the topics ignored by the BBC/panel is that of immigration and how people are genuinely concerned that this continues. It plays right into the hands of extremists such as the BNP and Islamists. For many people such as myself who prefer the middle ground I can only forsee increasing extemism and people having to choose sides unless the next government tackles this issue. I guess by even suggesting immigration needs to be scaled down by at least 75 % I shall be demonised as a racist. Sadly, Labour, the BBC, etc...resort to shouting racist at people who aren't racist and question the 'wisdom' of increasingly allowing people who do not have the necessary skills, language or desire to engage with the mainstream culture to enter the UK. I really do fear the next few years and the Chinese proverb about living in interesting times frequently comes to mind. I see mental health nurses are needed in British Columbia, Canada and perhaps it is time to seriously consider a move.

Little blogging of late because I appear to have hit a hiatus, both at work, financially and in my personal life. It might be SAD although I prefer to think I am just a miserable bugger who is a tad fed up in the run down an increasingly slippery slope towards my half century. This can go one of two ways: Flat cap, terrier of indeterminate breed and develop a boring hobby which I then drone on about at length to anybody and everybody. Or, I panic, dye my hair blonde, buy fashionable clothes, work out at the gym, eat healthy foods, buy a red fuck off convertible sports car and acquire a young blonde nymphet as I deny any possible evidence of my true age. I think I will go the third route which consists of my bumbling along as usual and accepting the reality I see in the mirror. Some gentle exercise may be necessary: how much does a pint weigh and how many times can I bend that elbow?


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