Sunday, October 04, 2009

After an excellent evening of good company, fine beer (Spitfire) and great music courtesy of Second Nature, I have set spotify to play them fellas below...

Have a look at their MySpace if you want to know more as they played Gary Moore, Pink Floyd, eagles, etc... last night and left the crowd wanting more.
Having spent the past hour walking and entertaining the mutt I am suitably knackered. Muttley is soaking wet and wanting more as she is full of energy. The endless fascination of fetch the stick especially if it involves water never fails to amaze me. She is now middle-aged in human years yet still skips and prances around like a puppy. She eats well, gets lots of exercise and is spoilt rotten. I give her better care than I do for myself!
As for the week ahead...a return to work including my first working weekend for six months. The money's welcome but the shock after working 9-5, Mon-Friday will take some adjusting to. I'll appreciate my weekends off even more as well as hopefully making better use of them. However, the sun is shining and I'll save the PC and spotify for later as I want to enjoy the remnants of this Indian summer.


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