Friday, September 25, 2009

Well! That was a week I am glad to see the back of. Good and bad stuff on the work front: the good being the work itself and my two colleagues with the bad as mentioned in my previous post. I have a week off and then I am back working half time in the crisis team and the other half as a a best interests assessor. The best of both worlds I hope. Having gained insight into the world of management I am glad to remain a clinician working on the frontline with our 'customers'. Irrespective of the crap we deal with it is so much cleaner than the machiavellian machinations of the world of NHS management. I've worked for private companies and many of these useless specimens would be surgically removed and deposited at the nearest job centre. Oddly enough, some of the most capable and hardest working people are the younger ones there and I don't doubt that once the hiving off to private practice begins they will be at the forefront. It's not for me, liberal-pinko dyed in the wool NHS luvvie that I am. I might be long in the tooth but if the future is a move towards greater privatisation and the opportunities are there, I'll certainly look to sell my services as a clinician.

My other gripe is the old perennial which happily becomes less of a problem with my change in status: commuting and especially the rash of roadworks which appears to have multiplied lately. Four sets of temporary traffic lights along one seven mile stretch alone. Two days running my daily commute took three hours and the third day I took an alternate route which was worse. I think I spent five hours driving on Wednesday - no wonder my arse hurt. As for the roads , with the later evenings I'm afraid the bunny kill appears to have increased with too many of their corpses lining the country roads of Lincolnshire.

My plans for the week off, weather permitting, may include a trip to Whitby as well as some pottering about doing as little as possible. This may also involve music and beer...pope, bears, catholicism and woods plus defecation amount to well worn cliches here. I might just spend my days walking the pooch in the Wolds and evenings in my local pub. Whatever, it will be chilled and taken at a leisurely pace.


Blogger Miss Mapp said...

Hey there Del. Back from the desert, but see that life goes on -glad the news was good 4 Mrs. C.
Have a brilliant week.

10:10 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

Hello MM and thank you.
Ha! Life does indeed go on.

12:57 pm  

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