Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Just sitting quietly listening to Radcliffe & Maconey whilst sipping an Irish Malt Whiskey (Cooley's of Kilbeggan, Westmeath). Bottled for Sainsbury's so not just tasty and spot hitting, it's also cheap! It's certainly needed after the past week where we discovered at work our true worth as best interests assessors...diddly squat. One colleague recalled to his team despite no pressing need and the two of us left have been evicted from our office to make way for a business manager. We can make use of a small space cleared for us where the PC will be plonked until that too disappears. To say I am pissed off is an understatement and is a further indication of lip service to clinicians whilst assorted accountants, business and marketing oiks, bean counters, etc... move in. Privatisation is on its way irrespective of whichever party gets in: pale blue or dark blue tories. Most people believe it is about health but it's a business now. If that's the case why don't we go the whole hog and those shysters who cannot justify their employment can fuckoffski! I could be self employed and offer my services.
What is bizarre is that several months ago I suggested we work on the hoof with laptops and printers as our 'office' can be anywhere. We are then mobile, can respond very quickly and do the extensive paperwork in situ. At least our boss had the good grace to admit he turfed us out so that he keeps in with his boss and we aren't as important in the scheme of things. It still stinks and I feel sorry for my colleague who has been shafted as he's dragged back to his previous job for no good reason. He is philosophical about it and said "I've got a job so I can't complain".
I think a second whiskey is needed and perhaps an early night after umpteen miles travelled and some very difficult assessments this week. I'm back on the road again tomorrow and then a well deserved week off to potter about...and a birthday to celebrate although considering Mrs.C is now unemployed and that on top of a week of waiting for biopsy results from the breast clinic...perhaps I should drink to thank the gods for some good news as she got the all clear.
My glass now needs retopping.


Blogger Seany said...

Firstly, thats great news to hear that Mrs C has had the all clear - there have been too many scary stories on that topic this year amongst friends.

As for the work it's a sad reflection of the society we're becoming when actually serving customers/clients/patients has become less important than being able to demonstrate how hard you've tried.

Worse still, having spent my career to date trying to champion the customer, I worry that soon I may have to sell out and take one of these managerial roles as a [marginally] better option than being out of work altogether

5:49 am  
Blogger delcatto said...

Maybe you do have to put yourself first Sean. A sell out perhaps but needs must with a mortgage, bills, etc... to pay.

11:51 pm  

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