Wednesday, September 02, 2009

I am a cat magnet...they just seem to naturally gravitate towards me. Admittedly, I often encourage them and it is only Mrs C. who stops me having a houseful of cats.As I write this Tigger is clambering over the keyboard and looking for attention. The three we have are probably more than enough as well as the dog. The dog's daily stress rises ever higher as I allow Molly (small, brown & frightened of her own shadow)to sleep in our bedroom at night; Tigger (large, stripey, vocal & sadly an excellent hunter) to clamber all over me; Mog (small, tuxedo cat) who sleeps under our bed whenever he can. The poor mutt cannot comprehend why they have privileges denied to her. Too big to sit on my lap and if she ever padded around the keyboard I suspect I'd end up paying a visit to PC World. Unfortunately, the cats can only tolerate each other for a while before the scrapping begins. Usually noisy with frantic dashes around the house and garden whilst the dog howls her head off to get at them. She keeps the peace by chasing all of the participants out of the garden.
Thank the gods we have a large house for them to hide away in.
I am working from home today with phones, PC and notebook poised ready for the next referral. I've completed the teaching materials for next weeks session and geared it towards problems and concerns that arise in A&E departments. Once they realise I am a nurse from a crisis team I expect the 'knives' to come out. However, in our rural team we provide a rapid response to A&E and generally resolve crises fairly quickly. I'll just have to remind them that we are not an emergency service despite the fairy tales of 'Casualty' and the like. Mind you, I haven't watched Casualty for since the early days of Duffy and Charlie...I've no idea who's in it now. I must away...


Blogger Bill Sticker said...

So you're a pussy magnet? A proud boast indeed, although your wife might not be best pleased of it's the 'wrong' kind kind of pussy.


6:42 am  
Blogger delcatto said...

Lol. I'm afraid I am too old for chasing the two legged variety around...I couldn't catch 'em.

8:52 am  

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