Sunday, September 13, 2009

Finally, I can catch up on blogs this week. The sad news is the departure of El Tel from his breakfast show at the end of this year. He has been a daily part of many peoples lives including my own. Occasionally irritating but he generally gets me off to a good start each day with a wry chuckle at some of the lunacy that abounds in the world. Sadly I am not looking forward to Chris Evans' takeover although I often listen to his drivetime show. However, I will give it a listen and make my mind up then. I guess some of the sadness resulting from the Togmeister leaving is the loss of yet another familiar icon. A real sense of loss although he will have a weekend show which we can listen to.

On the home front, the ol' fella is still in hospital; I am again full of cold and I finally got round to fixing a door: a 'successful' attempt at DIY although it does have an air of the Bodgeit brothers about it. We are resisting the desire to turn the central heating on yet but the evenings are getting a bit nippier as autumn displaces the summer. However, whenever Mrs C. turns on the gas fire a flurried furry frenzy of canine et felix ensues as they jockey for the prime position in front of it. One other bright note was the female streaker at the pub quiz night. She spoiled it all by her later drunken antics and got herself barred. Her streak got a round of applause from the men and general opprobrium from the women. She cheated because she kept her underwear on...not a full streak then.
As for work...we still have had no official word as to WTF happens next...

Make mine a nice juicy Burgundy because I am most assuredly confused by managers leaving important decisions until the last minute. I must away as a lemsip has my name on it.


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