Friday, September 11, 2009

Another working week done and dusted and quite a busy one for me. Lots of mileage, teaching, liaison and visiting care homes. To cap it all I received a phone call saying my father had had another stroke and is in hospital. Numerous attempts to phone a regional hospital in Ireland with no success. I then discovered the call barring I asked for mobile numbers included international calls. After 45 minutes of being passed from pillar to post and then being told "It will take between 2 and 24 hours to remove" I eventually shouted at someone "Cancel the call bar completely and if I don't get through within the next hour you can stick this service up your collective call centre arses and I'll take my business elsewhere!" One hour later I spoke with a very nice nurse who informed me he is suffering from a variety of health problems but he had not had a stroke. For once I am glad someone in the extended family got it wrong or exaggerated my Dads health problems. He sounded fairly ok and desperate to return to the nursing home for a 'rest'. I'm going out to see the old bugger next year before other bits drop off him.


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