Sunday, October 28, 2007

A lovely lazy Sunday.
The usual routine of dogwalking, papers and cooking a roast dinner. The things we often take for granted and some people sneer at. For many people, in Darfur,Iraq, Burma and in this country, the routine we take for granted would be an idyll they can but dream of. As a teenager I really disliked Sundays and what I regarded as boring. I wanted more excitement and less time stuck at home. Thirty years later and when I have a Sunday off work I thoroughly enjoy the routine. Having said that, I have taken to rooting through websites and books for good walks for a Sunday. Ones that'll take in the scenery, the odd interesting church and a good pub along the way. Perhaps a trip to the wolds or even further afield.
But for today it'll just be a quiet, lazy day surrounded by cats and a damp dog (she has been in the dock again!)
Part two of 'Most Haunted Live' tonight and I shall blog more about that in the near future. For now, back to the newspapers and a cuppa.


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