Friday, August 03, 2007

Road Trip.

"You're back! You're back!" *

We popped down to sunny Essex to see the old mater who is in fine fettle. A flying visit and met up with other family members. The trip down was great but coming back...Everything larger than a house and on wheels with an agricultural application was in front of us on our return. But it was the morons who believe the roads are for their personal use only who astonish me. Despite oncoming traffic they overtake a long line of vehicles and blast through. They appeared to be mainly middle-aged testosterone tossers who clearly think with their bollocks and have Jezza Clarkson as their sole role model. A few nights working in an A&E department or with the paramedics is required, although sadly I don't think it would change their habits.
No.1 has taken on board the lessons from his old pa and happily chowed down at truck-stops as opposed to McThievery overpriced plastic burgers. He's still averse to green vegetables, mind you, so are many truckstops.

However, finding this parked next to one's motor certainly gives thought to the drive-in on offer. Spare a thought for the clamper...

Around the corner they have this parked up...

I know there is a war against terror going on but, do they know something we don't?
The two old Normandy veterans inside with the collecting tins obviously have another role given the current personpower shortages in the armed services who are fighting a war on several fronts: Iraq, Afghanistan and Whitehall.
Another stop on our way back involved this fabulous place where I amazed No.1 by shopping there for a total of ten minutes only. I had made my mind up to concentrate on British beers only and preferably milds or stouts.

I quickly perused and bought a few beers which I hadn't yet tried apart from the 'Skullsplitter' which has been enjoyed on several occasions. I'll give my verdicts as and when I drink them.
Sadly, I have OU work to attend to although I may delay that pleasure until tomorrow morning as nine hours of driving in 24 hours has given me a numb bum. Sitting at the PC is unlikely to improve that....well, that's my excuse.
One strange thing we did find was a dead wild boar near a parking spot not far from Swaby, Lincs. It was a litle 'un but the last thing we expected to find. Somewhat flyblown so a BBQ was out of the question but it makes a change from the usual roadkill.

* She has kept me in sight ever since I returned...she'll not lose me again!



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