Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Courtesy of 'Swallows Barn', Claxby.

Yesterday we went for a jaunt around the Lincolshire Wolds, discovering a chocolate manufactory and enjoying the sunshine. The roads were free of traffic and we discovered a revitalised Gainsborough. To finish off we spent a couple of hours at Cleethorpes for fish & chips as we enjoyed the sea breezes. All good reminders as to why we have lived here for the past ten years. Clean fresh air, little traffic, friendly people and a life less frantic.
What surprises me is that I am forever out and about the countryside as part of my job and I always forget to have a camera about me. Catching the bluebells in the spring or the new lambs, snowy scenes bathed in sunshine, etc... Yesterday.... I forgot the camera and missed some lovely scenes for the blog. But as we plan to be away for a couple of days so No.1 can see his grandma I shall bring the camera along.
Must go, lots of sirens and police outside.


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