Monday, July 30, 2007

Night Fever....

An odd end to the weekend...No.1 son developed a fever, at one point hitting 103 F. and necessitating cool flannels, cool drinks, paracetamol and a fan. After many hours where his temperature fluctuated throughout the day he finally settled towards midnight. The worst goes through your mind, what with his intolerance for light, headache and his skin burning up as he shivered and complained of the cold. However, all's well that ends well....He is up and about apart from some tiredness.
A good weekend with plenty of good beer and good company.
I bought a copy of the 'Hobgoblin - Tap & Spile' Acoustic Musician of the year 2007. Well worth the small amount it costs and £2.00 goes to charidee folks. I still believe the wrong winners were chosen but the music is good and I look forward to next years bash. Surprisingly, the Monday quiz is on tonight and we shall be playing our part like good citizens...the proceeds goes to the local scouts.
My OU work sits like the proverbial elephant in the corner and I have to start studying again tomorrow. No excuses, I have had a couple of weeks grace but I must now gird my loins for the final hurdles. I am astonished that I have found the discipline to get this far. Laziness, path of least resistance, etc... usually come to my mind when I contemplate real study. Just two months to go and I can relax for a bit. However, a course I applied for six years ago has now come through (!) and it starts in September. So much for a short break from studying and returning to reading my usual rubbish.
I must away to prepare for the battle tonight.


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