Monday, January 29, 2007

Natural cycle...

'FREE - Your Big Brother pull out section'.

Busy, busy, busy...shops, more bills, sort out No.1's bike at the bike shop, more dialogue with the insurers, walk dog, study OU work for three hours, etc....But I had a moment where one can contemplate life and all of it's various facets. The shiny polished ones, the rough yet-to-be cut and cleaned ones and, the ones always turned to the wall when visitors arrive. My mind turned to the important things in life....What is toilet paper recycled from?
Am I wiping my bottom with an ex-News of the World or someone's previous gas bill? Is this where Tony disposed of the cash for peerages memo which he claims does not exist? All of that Stasi paperwork had to go somewhere and our governamonkeys must do their bit for the environment. I know it is not recycled from old banknotes; they're burnt at a special incinerater. Gods forbid...could it be recycled toilet paper? My mind is boggling at the thought! Who is the poor bugger who has to scoop?
It could be used lottery tickets and old newspapers which would make sense...crap in a previous life and same again this time around. As for the bigger question...maybe the gods recycle us after we have had our innings. At the rate we are killing off the other species there is going to be bugger all choice when my time is up. A rat, cockroach or an ant will be the choices. Yeah right (snort!), clouds, harps, 72 virgins and rose scented gardens....bags I a rat please.

"We're just waiting...our time will come....



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