Tuesday, October 03, 2006


So....what's been happening.
Another milestone passed as I celebrated my birthday last week, inevitably in the pub and very enjoyable it was too. Good company and excellent ale and the craic was indeed mighty. It continued on Saturday night as we celebrated the retirement of Mother Tap. At the age of 108 she has retired from her job as a bouncer at one of the the local hostelries! Seriously though, she has now retired to a well earned break but somehow I can't imagine her putting her feet up.So, many a drink was lifted and the toasts were offered throughout the evening. I also finally got to drink Liquorice Sambuca....mmmmmoreish, so we had several more. A good crowd was in including many of the regulars.
After all the alcohol consumed on Friday and Saturday, Sunday was spent quietly and soberly pottering about.Monday was an entirely different kettle of fish.I started my diet and I opted for the slimfast diet, mainly for it's simplicity and it easily fits in with working shifts. However, for the past two days I have been peeing for England. Every 15 minutes I had to use the loo (worse than the twenty minute rule!)...havoc at work I can tell you. But it's early days yet and we will see how things transpire. I will continue to treat myself to real ales but in sensible moderation. Exceptions will be birthdays, holy days, commemorative days...that 364 days covered.
I shall away now to play on the internet and catch up with various blogs.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Certainly was an excellent weekend. Good to see the blog alive & kicking again. (

P.S. Can't wait 'til Mother Tap finds out you accused her of being 108 - I may have to take her out of town for a few days!!!

11:16 pm  
Blogger Cherrypie said...

Happy Birthday for last week. Liquorice Sambucca is virtually a vegetable so counts towards your 5 a day

9:09 pm  

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