Friday, October 06, 2006

A Day Off in the Life...

I love days off after a busy patch at work and today I slept in until 8.30 with a marked reluctance to climb out of the pit. Eyes open and a pair of brown eyes staring back at me..."wake up, wake up, wake up!"

I originally acquired the pup for my son who was very surprised to discover we were getting a dog. I had planned on getting a small dog, a Yorkie or some other Terrier. We instead welcomed a Spanador into our home and she is now very much part of the family. However, as Mrs.Catto has pointed out, I am a magnet for animals. The dog and all three cats are fixated on me and all want to sit on, near or above me, much to the annoyance of No.1 son who doesn't get a look in. I point out that I am the one who generally feeds them hence it is no wonder they all make a beeline for me....that and a comfortable lap and general fussing.
Anyhow, the dog was instrumental in prising me out of bed to face the day. Delight of delights, I pencilled in this morning as 'paying bills day'.Most of them are paid via DD (Dangerous Debit...'We'll take what we like when we like') but some companies are stuck in the 19th century so orf to the post office. Surprisingly, no queues and all done in a matter of minutes. Thence to Boots to weigh myself; astonishingly I have lost 15 pounds in weight since I last weighed myself. WooHoo!! Slimfast is working and I even feel better; I don't think I have eaten so much fruit and drunk so much water. I had one pint of beer last night after sticking with soda and limes; it went straight to my head so I'll keep it to just the occasional one.
So I have a weekend free and a dog that needs walking plus a camera ready to shoot.A trip to the beach now the mutt is allowed on them and maybe a few churches.


Blogger Cherrypie said...

My cat follows me around everywhere too much to Jack's disgust. I think it's the feeding thing.

10:21 pm  

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