Monday, September 25, 2006


Today I ventured out with the dog in tow dragging me towards the dock. Rain pouring steadily on me and the half duck/dog who loves water, whether it's still falling from the sky or something she can dive into. So she enjoyed the walk and then a lengthy paddle. The genes kicked in and she chased some ducks who kicked water over her and laughed at her efforts to get to them. I can hope for world peace or a large lottery win, she has her hopes to one day catch a duck/ pigeon/ sparrow...what she'll do with one, who knows!

"Walk contract states a long walk....and cooked chicken. You can kick those cats out as well...sleeping in my chair."

I noticed the dock was very full so perhaps the ice sheets melting is slowly having an effect. Time to build some stilts for the house and move the electrical goods upstairs. Better still, buy an old Dutch barge and moor where we like. I can just see Mrs.C readily agreeing to that suggestion, her eyes shining and a ready smile on her lips as she reaches for a heavy kitchen implement.I blame Terry Darlington (see earlier posts) and the wanderlust that has always lain quietly in a corner of my psyche. However, I'll have to satiate it by going on a boating holiday although Mrs.C doesn't fancy it. No.1 and the dog can both swim so I think I'll look into boating holidays. Commonsense dictates that No.1 has to finish his education, etc...before we go gallivanting off in the wide blue yonder.
I'm off to drool over boats and barges.


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I'm still around but for technical reasons I am unable to post to my blog...An ISP engineer is calling around on Tuesday to undo whatever damage I have inflicted upon the PC. The adult equivalent of little Johnny shoving a jammy dodger into the disc drive. I'll be back soon...ish, hopefully!

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